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Prioritize the metrics most important to your business

With a library of >100 analyses close at hand, you will have no trouble hand-picking the business drivers that mean the most to you. These metrics show up front and center every time you log on, updated automatically.

Finally, the answers you care about at your fingertips every day.

The big ideas:

Dead simple reporting for all your stakeholders.

With just a few clicks, put together reports for yourself, your employees, your investors, whomever you like. The reports are just as easy to download to edit, or ship in pdf format via email right from the platform.

Finally, board presentations in one click so you can get back to work.

The big ideas:

Ditch the old spreadsheets. Plan your business online.

No more ridiculous spreadsheet models standing apart from your accounting data. No more manual data entry. Just drag the chart values to update your plan. Compare plan to actuals, test the impact of complex scenarios in seconds, and share the plan with others.

Finally, planning done right.

The big ideas:

Historical data right at your fingertips.

You have data sitting on the shelf, whether QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Google Analytics...Why not put it to work? How can it still be so difficult to access it all to answer the simple questions that drive your business? (hint: it isn't anymore.)

Finally, informed decisions. No headaches.

The big ideas:

Lightning fast.
Dead simple to use.

Finally, software I look forward to using.

The big ideas:


What does "Beta" mean?

We aren't done building the product yet. But rather than working in hiding, we prefer to build it with you to ensure that we're building what you need.

Here's what we propose:

  • You get started with us before the product is ready
  • We will give you a discount on the price, and that's your price forever!
  • You provide input into what you'd like to see in the app and how you'll use it
  • We will do our best to build it for you.